What is a Virtual Assistant?

I thought for my first blog post here, I should help you to understand what is a Virtual Assistant ( VA for short) and how it all works as you may never have heard of this term before… A good friend in the UK told me about 5 years ago that with my professional background I should become one, what it all entailed and finally 5 years on, here I am.

I am a real person believe it or not. Ha ha and I will work for you and your small business remotely, as is the beauty of this ever increasing tech world!

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I am an executive assistant who assists you and your business with administration and technical help, all achieved remotely.

Whether you need a Skype or Zoom meeting, email, telephone call, chase up a client or new lead, assist in booking travel, tidy up your database, research a new project you have on the boil, write a blog post or schedule your social media accounts, I will do all this for you possibly without you ever meeting me face to face IRL (in real life.) Although I am also a trained barista so you will miss out on my awesome lattes and cappuccinos if we never get to meet!

Are you finding basic admin tasks or social media management are filling up too much of your time and taking you away from your business? Then you need to outsource it to me! I can help you get back on track and on top of your tasks, to then give you the capacity to up level your business.

What does all that mean? Yes I will admit you will have to relinquish some of the control you have around your small business and entrust it to a virtual but real life person. I totally understand this because I too am a small business. But have no worries, you get to train me up in your processes and I then I can take over things. Together we will work side by side ( virtually) and I am always an email, text, phone or Skype call away.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start growing your small business today by outsourcing all those time consuming admin tasks to me!

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